3 Reasons to See a Foot Specialist if You are Diabetic

     1. You might be able to avoid surgery

A Foot specialist will do extensive testing every year to check for nerve damage.  Studies have shown that by visiting a podiatrist at least once a year you might significantly reduce your chances of developing an infection that can lead to amputation.  They will find things that you don’t notice that need to be cared for before they become big problems. 

2.  You may have neuropathy

Diabetic Neuropathy is nerve damage; the symptoms can range from numbness, tingling, pain and burning of the feet.  When you have numbness you may step on something and not even realize it, then one day wake up and your foot is really swollen and red and you have a fever and realize you have a serious infection.  You head to the emergency room might tell you they have to amputate your leg to save your life!

3.   Some people don’t understand

Some people don’t understand how you can have pain and numbness in your feet at the same time.  There’s different nerves for pain and different nerves in your feet for feeling (light touch), which does make it possible to experience both pain and numbness at the same time.  If you ever find yourself with a serious foot infection do your best to ask for a Podiatrist, someone who specializes in the foot and ankle and specifically has treated many Diabetic foot infections.  

Please take extra special care of your diabetic feet!  Seeing your foot and ankle specialist at least once a year could help save a limb and possibly your life.

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