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Treating and Preventing Haglund's Deformity

Treating and preventing Haglund’s Deformity.

Dr. Brian Gale, DPM, FACFAS will help determine the best way to help treat a patient with Haglund’s Deformity.  He might request an x-ray, MRI, or ultrasound .  Treatment depends on the severity, but may include:

  • Immobilization.
  • Shoe modification (heel pads, arch support, heel lifts, or custom orthotics)
  • Medication.
  • Surgery.  This is used only if the other methods do not provide relief.

There are ways to prevent Haglund’s Deformity.  It is best to avoid shoes that have a rigid back.  If you have a tight Achilles tendon you can stretch the tendon to help prevent it.  If you have a high arch it is best to wear supportive shoes along with a shoe insert.

If you have Haglund’s Deformity and are trying to find out with is the best treatment method request an appointment with Dr. Brian Gale, DPM, FACFAS today at Dakota Foot & Ankle Clinic.


photocredit: hans via pixabay.com

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