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The pain of dealing with Osteoarthritis


Dr. Kayla Emter, DPM

Are your joints stiff as you arise from bed in the morning? Do they follow the tune of the old Rice Krispies commercial with a snap, crackle and pop? Are they tender to the touch or ache with movement? If you can relate to any of this, chances are you have osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of Arthritis and can affect the foot and ankle.

Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease, is more commonly encountered as a person ages. For the most part, it is a progressive disease due to wear and tear on the joints over the years. The cartilage, or the cushion between the bones, is eventually lost causing the bones to wear against one another. This then leads to the common symptoms of inflammation, pain, stiffness and furthermore, loss of function and deformity.

The most common joints affected in the foot include the ankle joint, the joint below the ankle joint, the big toe joint and the little toe joints. Clearly this can be debilitating considering we use our feet day in and day out. Numerous options are available to help with osteoarthritis from a Podiatrist’s stand point. Please let us assist you in getting you back on your feet so you can give Kellog’s their Rice Krispies jingle back.

If you think you are dealing with osteoarthritis or any other form of Arthritis let us help!  Contact Us to schedule an appointment today!

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