"Don’t Sacrifice Your Feet!" by Dylan H. CNA

By Dr. Brian Gale
December 23, 2013
Category: Shoes
Tags: shoes   proper fitting shoes  
I’ve been working at the Dakota Foot and Ankle Clinic for a little over a month now, and it seems like most of the patients that come in to the clinic would really benefit from wearing the correct shoes. Working with Dr. Brian Gale who is an expert in Foot and Ankle medical and surgical treatment, has been quite an “eye opener” for me.
Before I started working at the clinic, I would always be searching for the best “looking” shoe instead of making sure I had the correct fit or the correct stiffness in the sole. I never really knew how much my feet hurt until I started wearing the correct shoes. If I would’ve known how much better my feet could feel, I would’ve been wearing them a long time ago!
Don’t sacrifice your feet people!  For more information about the proper way to fit shoes see out Patient Education Library.  Also, please stop by Happy Soles Footwear shoe store at 1802 Allison Drive in Bismarck to try on the more comfortable shoes you’ve ever worn in your life!