Foot Surgery Recovery: 20 Things to Make it Better

By Dr. Brian Gale
December 20, 2013
Category: foot specialist
Tags: foot surgery  
Recovery after foot surgery can be difficult even if it was planned.  Here are 20 things from Dr. Brian Gale staff at Dakota Foot & Ankle Clinic to  make your recovery easier as you go about your  daily activities.  
1.  Get rid of the rugs in the house – nothing but trip hazards.
2.  Clean up messy cords, strewn items that could cause you to trip.
3.  Re-arrange furniture to make way for you.  Make sure there is a clear path to the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.
4.  Set up an online banking account to make bill-payments easier.
5.  Stock up on books, games, movies or TV episodes.
6.  Stock your refrigerator with easy to cook meals.
7.  Search your area for restaurants or caterers who deliver.  Compile their numbers.  The more choices the better.
8.  Withdraw cash so you have money at hand. Have your credit card ready with you as well.
9.  Wrap the crutches with foam to make it less painful.
10.Consider looking into the hands free crutch, knee walker, seated scooter or wheelchair.
11.Get a backpack to hold the things you might need. Keys, phone, wallet, books, water, medicines, etc.
12.Make sure you check for stability before you add a basket onto your walker or scooter. You don’t want to tip forward.
13.Prepare your bedroom or living room by transferring things you need within reach.
14.Contact family & friends and ask for their help.  Schedule for grocery trips or ask for errand help like taking the trash out.
15.Have family or friends help with children.
16.Arrange for someone to take over caring for your pets.
17.Have duplicates for your keys made so family and friends can let themselves in.
18.Get body pillows to help you elevate your leg and make you more comfortable when you sleep.
19.Pick out a functional wardrobe. 
20.Be faithful on your medications and physical therapy. Follow doctor’s advice.
Information provided by Goodbye Crutches