Sandal season is almost here!

Spring is near.  Time to bring out the sandals.


With the weather warming up and the snow melting it is finally time to think about sandal season!  Even though sandal season is near, here are some tips to get the most out of this season!

  1.  The biggest thing to look for is that it is supportive.  Do this by giving your sandal the bend test.  It should only bend from the ball of the foot to the toes.
  2. Make sure it is the proper fit.  You don’t want it to short where your toes are hanging off the edge.  You also want to make sure it isn’t too big where you are fighting to keep it on your foot.
  3. Don’t wear sandals year after year.  At the beginning and end of the season inspect your sandals.  If they show severe signs of wear or are starting to bend, it is time for new ones.
  4. If you are going to be on your feet for long distances choose an athletic shoe over a sandal.  Even the best sandals don’t offer as much support as some athletic shoes.
  5. Don’t wear sandals when you are doing yard work.  It is important to protect those toes!
  6. Be aware of any sores on your feet.  If you feel a blister forming between your toes, switch shoes to help prevent against infections.
  7. If you are at a public beach, pool, or hotel, make sure you are wearing your sandal at all times.  This will help prevent exposing your feet to plantar warts and athlete’s foot.

If you are looking for sandals stop by Happy Soles Footwear to check out our selection of supportive, stylish sandals.  If you became injured or think you were exposed to something while wearing sandals or going barefoot, Contact Us at Our Bismarck Office to schedule at appointment with Dr. Brian Gale, DPM, FACFAS today!