What is a Podiatrist?

By Dr. Brian Gale
November 29, 2013
Category: foot specialist
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     Basically a podiatrist is a foot and ankle expert. We have extensive medical training. So just about anything that can go wrong with the foot and ankle is what we take care of.  There is a long list of specific things we treat, but what’s important to understand is that most physicians are specialists, for example, you see one doctor for asthma and another doctor for back problems.   So we’re the specialist of anything that’s happening with your foot and ankle, whether it’s arthritis, or an ingrown nail, or a broken bone, an injury, ankle sprain, heel pain, all these different things. 
       We also take care of people with diabetes because a lot of the complications of diabetes involve your feet.  There are studies that show when you’re diabetic and see a foot & ankle specialist at least once a year you have less chance of developing an ulcer and of having an amputation.  This is because when we examine their feet we find things that they didn’t notice that if left untreated could become big problems.
        About 70% of people in the US will see a foot specialist at some point in their life.  When they come in they are almost always in pain.  The pain varies quite a bit from mild pain so people decrease their activities to people who come in limping or using crutches because of an injury but pain is ultimately what gets them to come in.  Some people are resistant to coming in because they think the pain is just a ‘normal’ part of getting older or they don’t think there is anything that can be done.  This simply is not true, your feet aren’t supposed to hurt and if they do it is because something is wrong.  Don’t suffer, call today for an appointment with Dr. Brian Gale, DPM, FACFAS of Dakota Foot & Ankle Clinic at 701-255-3338.