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Tips For A Successful Walking or Running Routine

The first day of spring has come and gone. While Mother Nature may still have a snow storm in mind for us (knock on wood) let’s choose to be optimistic and think warmer weather is just around the corner. As warm weather approaches we will begin to see a lot more walkers and runners. Before you go and enter a 5K let’s discuss some basic guidelines for starting a walking routine.

If you have questionable health, or over the age of 40 it is recommended you see a physician before you begin a regular exercise program. Onto our first tip:

Start small. Let your first walk be about 15-minutes. Go again the next day. If on day three you still feel good add more time to your walk. Your end of the week goal should be 30-minutes.

Get good shoes. At first your everyday shoes may be ok for walking but if this is a habit you’re going to continue you want to make sure you have supportive shoes. We recommend Brooks. (In fact, our Happy Soles Footwear specializes in Brooks shoes.)

Be consistent. Set aside time each day to walk. Try to be consistent with when you do it. If you can get into a routine you are more likely to be successful.

Have fun! Walking or exercising should be fun. You are doing this for a good reason and your body will thank you for it. Make sure you remember to thank yourself for the hard work and dedication. 

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