Tips for the Perfect Pedicure

How to keep your toes happy with Pedicures.

This time of year is when you want to start letting your toes out to breathe.  With the weather warming up and sandal season being right around the corner you want to get those toes looking pretty, but you also want to make sure nothing happens to them.  Here are a few Pedicure tips to get those toes looking happy and healthy.

-When you trim your nails make sure they are being trimmed straight across.  This helps prevent ingrown nails from forming.

-Don’t use anything sharp to clean under your nails.  If you puncture your skin you might be more susceptible to infections.

-Don’t cut your cuticles.  They are designed to help protect against bacteria.

-Dry thoroughly between toes.  Any moisture left can help fungal infections and athlete’s foot develop.

-If you have thick/discolored nails, don’t cover them up with nail polish.  Nail polish allows moisture to be locked in.  You want address the issue right away, which might be fungal nails.  Let this issue resolve before painting your nails again.

-Don’t share pedicure tools with anyone.  Bacteria and fungus can remain on tools after cleaning if not sterilized properly.

-If you are going to a salon try to schedule your appointment right away in the morning.  This is when tools and equipment are usually the cleanest.

-If you are Diabetic, consult your podiatrist before having a pedicure.

If you are diabetic and are thinking about getting a pedicure or have issues after getting a pedicure, Contact Us at Dakota Foot & Ankle Clinic to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brian Gale, DPM, FACFAS first.  He can point you in the right direction and give you more information on getting the best diabetic foot care

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