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Skin Graft

Skin grafting is often used as a treatment option for wound management and for pigmentary disorders.

CelluTome Epidermal Harvesting System.

Epidermal Grafting is a minimally invasive procedure.  It involves removing only the top (epidermal) layer of skin.  In most cases patients experience little to no pain and the donor site heals quickly within two or three weeks.

The CelluTome System simplifies the harvesting of epidermal grafts in a few ways:

1.  The process is automated to insure the graft size is consistent and accurate in size and thickness.

2.  Pain medication for the donor site is no longer needed.

In less than one hour, the entire harvesting procedure is complete.  The inner thigh (donor site) is wiped with alcohol to prep it, then the CelluTome Harvester is strapped to the donor site.  The graft is than developed in about 30-45 minutes.  When the graft is ready, the CelluTome Control Unit is turned off.  The grafts are then placed onto a transparent dressing and are applied to the recipient site.  The Harvester will then be removed from the thigh and another transparent dressing will be placed on the donor site.

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