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Winter Running Tips


Winter Running

Diehard runners brave the frigid temperatures to get some fresh air and exercise but as a result are at a higher risk of injuries. Here are a few tips to help brave winter running safely.

Frostbite is an imminent risk to anyone who is outdoors in subzero temperatures, but especially to runners who wear mesh running shoes. Mesh poses the danger of allowing the foot to get wet and when exposed to cold air can cause tissue damage. When shopping for winter running shoes, aim for shoes that have a solid upper and are water proof, for example, Goretex.

Socks are another important player in keeping the feet dry. Feet sweat during exercise (not a surprise when each foot has approximately 250,000 sweat glands) and can produce the moist environment that can predispose you to frostbite. Purchase moisture wicking socks that have the ability to keep your feet warm to help alleviate this problem.

Ice is hard to avoid on trails, especially after a thaw and refreeze. Numerous forms of cleats/tracks exist that are specific to winter running. These can prevent falls that may land you in the clinic or emergency room.

Stretching prior to work outs is more important than ever when going for a run in the chilly winter weather. The purpose of stretching is to warm up the joints and reduce muscle tension. Without stretching, fractures, sprains and strains are more likely to occur.

For those of you who refuse to hibernate from running during the winter, I hope these simple tricks keep you on your feet and injury free.


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