"The Dry Truth About Soft Skin" by Dylan H. CNA

By Dr. Brian Gale
December 23, 2013
Category: foot specialist
Tags: dry skin   dry cracked feet  
Caring for your skin can be a very important step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially for your feet. Using a good skin moisturizer on your feet can help with corns, calluses, warts, cracks or just your typical dry skin. In some cases a regular skin moisturizer will not suffice.
Ammonium lactate is a great cream that can penetrate through to the deeper layers of the skin and will not wash off. This great cream and other amazing things can be purchased at Dakota Foot & Ankle Clinic.
Caring for your skin is most important with diabetics because of the common problem poor circulation in the feet. Even a small crack can lead to surgery or amputation. So use a little moisturizer, and your feet will thank you!